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October 2023

Threats include:

  • Air Force Contractor Investigated for Breaching Military Communication Networks and Theft | Insider Threat
  • Australian, Philippine, and U.S. Militaries Conduct Drill Following Incidents Between Philippine and Chinese Vessels | Foreign Nation-State Military (FNSM)
  • Military Exercises Provide Opportunities for Intelligence Collection | Foreign Intelligence Entities (FIE)
  • CISA Releases 2022 Top Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities | Cyber
  • U.S. Shoots Down Armed Drone Flown by Turkey | Unmanned Aircraft/Unmanned Aerial Systems (UA/UAS)
  • Driver Attempts to Breach Marine Corps Base Gate | Active Shooter/Active Assailant
  • Mexican Cartels Target DoD Personnel for Recruitment | Narcotics

Hazards include:

  • U.S. Marines Support Relief Efforts Following Volcanic Eruption | Natural Hazards (Geological)
  • Saltwater Wedge Threatens Drinking Water in Southeast Louisiana | Natural Hazards (Geological)
  • Wildfire Smoke from Canada Affects U.S. East Coast | Natural Hazards (Meteorological)
  • Mediterranean Storm Daniel Breaks Records | Natural Hazards (Meteorological)
  • GAO Reports Substandard Conditions at Barracks | Accidental Events (Human or Technologically Caused)
  • F-35 Aircraft Crashes in South Carolina | Accidental Events (Human or Technologically Caused)

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