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Open Source Update

April 2022

Threats include:

  • Three U.S Army Soldiers Accused in Gun Trafficking Ring with Chicago Gang | Insider Threat
  • Two Islamic State Assailants Conduct Attack in Israel | Terrorism
  • Russia Uses Hypersonic Missiles in Ukraine | Foreign Nation-State Military
  • Pro-Russian Hackers Seek to Spread Disinformation | Cyber

Hazards include:

  • U.S. Withdraws Some Shanghai Consulate Staff During Covid-19 Outbreak | Biological Hazards
  • 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Occurs Off Coast of Fukushima Prefecture in Japan | Geological Hazards
  • Red Hill Fuel Leak | HAZMAT Accident
  • Solar Flare Knocks Out Satellites | Space Weather
  • Simultaneous Record Temperatures in Arctic and Antarctic | Meteorological Hazards