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Open Source Update

July 2023

Threats include:

  • Military Personnel with Early Discharges Prominent Among Extremists | Insider Threat
  • National Parks Service Removes Cameras Overlooking San Diego Bay | Foreign Intelligence Entities (FIE)
  • Unsolicited Smartwatches Sent to Servicemembers | Foreign Intelligence Entities (FIE)
  • Phishing Attacks Using New Top-Level Domains | Cyber
  • Russian Ransomware Gang Hacks File-Transfer Program | Cyber
  • Missing 14-Year-Old Girl Found at Camp Pendleton | Crime
  • Memorial Day Shooting in Hollywood, Florida | Active Shooter
  • Animal Sedative Xylazine Being Mixed with Fentanyl | Narcotics

Hazards include:

  • Hurricane Season Outlook and Preparation | Meteorological Hazards
  • Heat Warnings and Advisories in Southern U.S. | Meteorological Hazards
  • Space Weather Activity Increasing | Space Weather

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