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Open Source Update

April 2023

Threats include:

      • Russia Hosts Multilateral Arctic Exercises | Foreign Nation-State Military
      • North Korean Hacking Group Targets Cryptocurrencies | Cyber
      • FAA Makes Regulatory Changes to Unmanned Aerial Systems | Unmanned Aircraft-Unmanned Aerial Systems (UA-UAS)
      • National Guard Veteran Arrested for Terror Plot | Terrorism
      • Shooting at Naval Base Coronado Gate | Violent Crime
      • Increase in Fentanyl Deaths Among DoD Personnel | Narcotics
      • Camp Blaz Activation on Guam Met With Protest | Civil Disturbance

    Hazards include:

        • Navy Dry Docks Closed for Earthquake Resiliency Improvements | Natural Hazards (Geological)
        • Flooding and Mudslides in California | Natural Hazards (Meteorological)
        • Increased Solar Flare Activity | Space Weather
        • Diesel Fuel Spill at the Maui Space Surveillance Complex, Hawaii | Accidental Events (Human or Technologically Caused)
        • Radioactive Capsule Lost and Recovered in Australia | Accidental Events (Human or Technologically Caused)
        • F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Engine Problem Reportedly Solved | Accidental Events (Human or Technologically Caused)