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Intelligence & Analysis

Monitoring and Assessing a Dynamic World

In recent years, there’s been a geopolitical shift of concern away from extremist groups to foreign nation state adversaries. Supply chain disruptions are on the rise. Global energy resources are susceptible to localized disruptions. Climate change is affecting regional conditions around the world.

The form, incidence, and severity of man-made and natural hazards are constantly fluctuating. What is the threat and hazard environment? What is the probability of occurrence? What is the likelihood of a disruption impacting a building, metropolitan area, military base, or region?

RMC has a finger on the pulse of this dynamic world. We provide the Intelligence & Analysis solutions needed to inform decision-makers about the risks to their mission, people, and assets.

Intelligence & Analysis Services

Threat and Hazard Analysis

Our team of threat and hazard analysts take a holistic approach to our work. We start with a strategic look at the big picture of what’s going on in the world and how those issues could impact a local environment. We then identify and evaluate the local threats and hazards that could impact your mission or operations.

All-Hazards Threat Assessments (AHTAs)

AHTAs identify a comprehensive list of more than 40 threats and hazards that are evaluated for your installation or location. Our proven process analyzes the probability that those threats and hazards will occur and potentially impact your mission, operations, community, or region. An AHTA provides the intelligence and probability ratings necessary to determine risk when vulnerabilities to a threat or hazard are paired with a critical asset.

Cyber Intelligence

This involves a deeper dive into cyber threats. Our team starts by learning about your mission or operations to identify exploitable assets, systems, or personnel. We then evaluate numerous adversaries, both foreign and domestic, and their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) to determine the likelihood that a cyber-related event would impact your operations.

Supply Chain Analysis

A holistic assessment of how your organization may be affected by a potential supply chain disruption. We start with a comprehensive assessment designed to identify exploitable systems, assets, or personnel. This assessment is followed by an analysis of the potential risks associated with your supply chain vendors. Our supply chain analysis analyzes the potential threats from vendors for essential equipment and parts and those owned by foreign entities, as well as those with known hardware or software vulnerabilities, a history of insider threat activity, and unscrupulous business practices.

Climate Intelligence

An analysis of climate change and potential impacts on an installation, facility, or operations, to strengthen your climate resiliency. We review historical meteorological data, as well as global and regional climate trends and future predictions, to identify relevant meteorological hazards and their potential impact on your assets and supporting infrastructure.

All-Source Intelligence

Our intelligence analysts use authoritative local, state, and federal agency data; open-source intelligence; classified intelligence and proprietary information to evaluate whether and how specific threats and hazards may impact an asset or region of interest.

Enhanced Threat Assessments

We identify capabilities or approaches likely to be employed against your asset site or infrastructure by foreign nation or non-nation state adversaries. Our team focuses on specific strategic threats within your region(s), to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the adversary’s capability, proficiency, and inclination to act in a way that will impact you, your people, your assets, and your mission.

Intelligence Briefings

We provide you verbal or written reports and presentations of intelligence that addresses your specific query. Tailored to your needs, intelligence briefings may cover geopolitical developments, meteorological hazards, civil unrest, terrorism, cybersecurity, supply chain, disease, infrastructure or other threat, hazard, event, or development of interest.

Why RMC for Intelligence & Analysis

  • We’ve done this before. We’ve looked at well over 100 defense installations and completed more than 225 AHTAs across roughly 20 countries. We have a rich analytical database to reference when producing future AHTAs and other threat and hazard related products for our clients.
  • Our analysis is deep and broad. We examine more than 40 threats and hazards for each engagement, routinely delivering comprehensive, organized reports that include more than 500 pages of data, graphics, and analysis.
  • We have insider expertise. Only RMC has produced All-Hazards Threat Assessments for both U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps installations. All were delivered on time, to contract standards, and with 100% acceptance.
  • Our roots are in Mission Assurance. We understand that your underlying question is whether and how potential threats could impact your mission and operations. Our intelligence is designed to inform and strengthen your resiliency.
  • We collaborate. From the time we initiate a task, we invite stakeholders to provide input and feedback – so the final analysis and reports are practical and relevant for each customer.
  • We don’t stop. Our team is constantly monitoring the changing threat landscape and emerging hazards, so we’re informed and prepared for trends and developments as they occur.