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Critical Infrastructure

Proactive Protection to Secure our Nation’s Critical Systems

Foreign investment in power, water, or utility companies serving military installations or communities. Aging telephone wires, cables, and towers that defense forces rely upon for mission-critical communications. Degraded roads, rail, and emergency evacuation routes. An increase in the frequency and severity of natural disasters.

Critical infrastructure is more important and more vulnerable than ever, and the demand for repairs and improvements far exceeds defense and government budgets. Given what we know about today’s risks – and those we anticipate for tomorrow – which assets are most important to protect? What is the best use of a limited budget to address the highest risks?

RMC provides the Critical Infrastructure Protection solutions needed to reduce risks to the critical systems upon which our nation depends.

Critical Infrastructure Services

Critical Infrastructure Program Management

Serving as an extension of your team, our critical infrastructure protection analysts, program analysts, and program managers help you define, implement, and manage a strategic critical infrastructure protection program.

We understand the systems you use – and we know the ones that need to work, without fail. From strategy and policy development to risk assessments and briefings, our team helps to ensure efficient planning, monitoring, analysis, and mitigation of threats to your essential assets.

We work with and beyond your team to address issues that could slow your mitigation and protection efforts – so your organization is confidently protecting your critical infrastructure in the face of natural disasters, adversaries, and other potential threats.

Reducing risks to critical infrastructure assets always follows a series of choices about limited resources. Starting with an understanding of your mission, our team identifies the greatest risks to your critical assets, weighs and prioritizes mitigation options, and recommends corrective actions.

Risk Mitigation and Remediation

Once you identify your critical infrastructure assets, we help identify the best ways to protect them – whether through additional security, cybersecurity, a redundant communication line, backup generator, or other actions. We create mitigation action plans, or corrective action plans, that provide recommendations and prioritization, so you know where and how to apply your resources to avoid or minimize the impact for future disruptive events.

We create those plans and brief the risk packages to those in command. Once approved and funded, our team helps to implement the actions to reduce risk.

Why RMC for Critical Infrastructure

  • We talk to people outside your organization. It’s not enough for an organization to be aligned around critical infrastructure vulnerabilities and priorities. We connect and collaborate with utility companies, local government, and other organizations that manage some of the critical infrastructure that impacts your base or facility.
  • We communicate candidly. If you really have over 1,000 critical systems, assets, and utilities across 20+ locations, we’ll tell you. And we’ll tell you the risks to each, with smart recommendations for what to do first.
  • We’re on your side. We see ourselves as part of your team. When you have a question or a need, we give you an answer or an action – not an estimate for how much it would cost for us to do more.
  • We have proven impact. At last count, $2.7 billion in federal spending has been reprioritized to address risks to infrastructure identified by our teams.