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Industrial Cybersecurity

Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

Providing a Holistic View of Risk

Cyber disruptions to our nation’s critical infrastructure can have crippling economic, security, or life impact, and safeguarding operational technology environments is a complex undertaking. Every organization is unique, with its own vital business functions, missions, and assets. Mitigating risks and vulnerabilities to these functions, missions, and assets requires the right experience and expertise, especially when resources are limited.

RMC provides a holistic view of industrial cybersecurity risk that comes from multi-domain expertise and insights. Our interdisciplinary Risk & Vulnerability Assessments of critical business and operational processes support the strategic prioritization of the resources available.

Risk & Vulnerability Assessments Services

End-to-End Risk Assessments

An end-to-end risk assessment delivers comprehensive insights into your overall risk posture. This perspective on risk management enables decision-makers to confirm the value of past investments and strategically allocate resources.

  • We understand the systems you use, the environments you operate in, and the potential impact should any critical system fail.
  • We provide a full-spectrum view of the risks to your electrical grid, manufacturing operations, defense assets, or other critical infrastructure and the devices that support them.
  • We identify and assess your current security posture, cyber defense mechanisms, and relevant threats to inform your security investment decisions.

Supply Chain Risk Assessments

It’s not enough to understand the risks and security posture of your own operations. Suppliers with exploitable systems, assets, or personnel present a potential threat to your business and operations.

  • We employ a proprietary maturity framework to understand and assess cyber risk introduced by third parties, identifying potential threats from suppliers owned by foreign entities, those with known hardware or software vulnerabilities, or a history of insider threat activity.
  • We help your organization illuminate risky supplier relationships and vulnerabilities to operational resiliency, so you can prioritize investments to mitigate third-party risk exposure.

Business Impact Analysis/Dependency Mapping

OT/ICS systems are increasingly interconnected and dependent on each other. One failure can quickly impact other systems as well as the business and operational processes they support.

  • We take your critical mission or business functions and map dependencies on power, water, building management, and other systems, to identify key risk areas and potential impacts.
  • We help you identify and prioritize the assets that pose the greatest risk to your business continuity, resilience, and critical missions.

Why RMC for Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

  • We know OT. We have conducted over 300 assessments globally across a broad range of industrial and defense environments, so we’re already familiar with most OT and ICS systems.
  • We have an expert team. We have, hire, and train OT cybersecurity experts, whose focus is industrial cybersecurity.
  • We go beyond. In a first-of-its-kind engagement, RMC mapped critical defense building management systems to supporting infrastructure, highlighting hand-offs and risks between base-owned and off-base commercial entities.