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Industrial Cybersecurity

Penetration Testing

Illuminating Attack Paths

RMC simulates real-world offensive cyber-attacks, to illuminate and map attack paths—before cyber adversaries can gain access. Our penetration testing services provide you with advanced knowledge of gaps that could be exploited, to help prioritize remediation actions and achieve a higher level of security.

Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Tests


RMC evaluates the security of physical devices, identifying vulnerabilities in firmware, operating systems, interfaces, and communications to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data integrity. We are well-versed in uncovering vulnerabilities within devices used in robotics, advanced metering infrastructure, and other industrial environments. Our understanding of the operational context allows us to articulate the corresponding impact on the business and operations.

OT/IT Network

We perform external and internal (assumed breach) penetration tests on both OT and IT networks. By simulating sophisticated cyber-attacks under controlled conditions, these tests unearth vulnerabilities, allowing organizations to fortify their defenses proactively. Our approach to penetration testing sets us apart: we leverage cutting-edge technology combined with a deep understanding of the latest cyber threat patterns. We empower your organization with the knowledge and tools to stay several steps ahead of potential attackers, making your OT/IT systems not just secure, but resilient.


RMC performs application penetration testing crucial in the security strategy of any organization that relies on software applications to drive its business processes. It involves a rigorous examination of your applications for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals and other actors, ensuring that your critical assets are protected against breaches and attacks. We utilize a blend of automated tools and manual testing methodologies, conducted by our team of experts who possess an in-depth understanding of advanced threat vectors and the latest hacking techniques.


Our cloud penetration testing is an essential practice for securing cloud-based environments, where the dynamic nature of cloud services introduces unique security challenges and vulnerabilities. Our approach to cloud penetration testing is distinguished by our comprehensive understanding of cloud architectures and the specific security considerations they entail. We combine state-of-the-art automated scanning tools with meticulous manual testing techniques, carried out by our team of seasoned experts who are well versed in the nuances of cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.  Our methodology is tailored to the complexity and scalability of your cloud environments. We don’t just identify vulnerabilities; we provide strategic, actionable insights that align with your cloud deployment model.

Red Teaming

Taking a penetration test one step further, our advanced Red Teaming exercises don’t simply evaluate the effectiveness of security controls; they test an organization’s overall security posture. Emulating the tactics, techniques, and procedures of advanced persistent threats, we use a variety of means to bypass system detection and personnel to gain access to connected systems.

Our team has a deep understanding of the devices, networks, and unique environments specific to the defense, energy, and other critical infrastructure sectors. We safely conduct the simulations and probing without causing accidental outages or disruptions. Outcomes identify weaknesses in security controls, processes, and personnel, so you know where to improve your defenses, incident response, and overall readiness.

Why RMC for Penetration Testing

  • We understand critical infrastructure. We understand the devices, networks, and environments unique to critical infrastructure organizations, especially in the energy sector.
  • We know highly regulated industries. And government. We work with some of the largest energy and utility companies as well as defense operations globally.
  • We do no harm. We know the danger of causing downtime and introducing delays to your essential systems. We prioritize safety above all.
  • We use a broad risk lens. We understand the different risks and how they come together to create physical security, cybersecurity, and social engineering vulnerabilities.