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Mission Assurance

RMC is the Mission Assurance Company

Protecting today’s missions, military installations, and business operations is an increasingly complex undertaking. Critical infrastructure assets and systems are becoming more interconnected. Natural and manmade threats and hazards are in constant flux, leaving emerging and aging critical assets more vulnerable than ever before.

Defense and commercial leaders need an integrated and holistic view of their systemic risks – and a program to protect their critical assets and infrastructure. What risks are present? Which assets are most critical and introduce the most risk to mission or operations? How should limited resources be spent to reduce the greatest risks?

RMC was purpose-built for Mission Assurance. For more than a decade, our team of analysts, engineers, and defense and security experts have been helping to protect government and commercial personnel, assets, and missions in an increasingly volatile threat environment. Operating worldwide, RMC delivers Mission Assurance solutions with holistic awareness and insights, fueling leadership decisions that create greater mission resiliency.

Mission Assurance Services

Risk Assessments

To analyze risk to your organization’s ability to perform its essential tasks and functions, we deploy cross-functional teams of experts in engineering, physical security, law enforcement, cybersecurity, antiterrorism, intelligence, transportation (port, airfield, roads, and munitions), communications networks, and others.  Following our proven process, our functional subject matter experts systematically assess your assets, infrastructure, and protection and response programs. We identify your critical assets – and learn how each is used. Working with your personnel and beyond, we discover and analyze the risks associated with the loss of capabilities provided by your critical assets.

Ultimately, our assessments provide a comprehensive analysis of your risks to mission, along with recommendations – and how to address them – for greater resiliency.


Mission Analysis

Whether you’re a defense organization with a military installation or a government or commercial organization, mission analysis is a foundational element of the risk assessment. Our people spend time with your leaders to understand your unique missions, purpose, and requirements. For defense installations, our cleared personnel talk to all the commands – those that run the base, all of the tenant commands, and mission owners – to get a full picture. Our analysis considers relative impact should a critical asset be impaired.

Utility System Assessments

Utility System Assessments are a foundational element of our risk assessments that can be a standalone assessment. To understand the risks to your water supply, wastewater treatment, telecommunications, power, and other utilities, we don’t simply consult your personnel and inspect your systems. We also routinely consult directly with local utility providers to completely map the utility systems that support critical infrastructure in order to identify vulnerabilities. This results in a full picture of utility system risk.

Engineering & Technical Services

In addition to conducting Utility System Assessments, our engineers – civil, mechanical, electrical, architectural – assess the installation infrastructure at the facility level. Is the building envelope sound? Can the structure withstand a major hurricane, tornado, or flood? How well are the power and cooling systems designed, maintained, and protected? The cross-discipline engineers assess the resiliency of critical control systems and infrastructure – and make recommendations for risk mitigation, if needed.

Energy Security and Resiliency

These assessments are foundational elements of our Risk Assessments or can be a standalone assessment. Our electrical and mechanical engineers focus on your power and fuel sources to assess the threats and vulnerabilities related to your critical energy and power infrastructure.

Water Risk and Resiliency Assessments

We specifically evaluate a community water system’s susceptibility to potential threats and hazards and identify corrective actions to reduce and mitigate the risk. Assessments of potable water supply systems focus on the vulnerability of the water supply, its control system, distribution system, and treatment system. From this information, RMC develops a prioritized plan for mitigating risk and vulnerability to the system.

Critical Asset Protection

Security encompasses numerous layers of protection and expertise encompassing law enforcement, physical security, antiterrorism, and emergency management. For physical security, we assess the security of facilities on an installation and personnel, law enforcement, and others who are controlling access to your installation or operation. What training have they had? Is their equipment sufficient? We also assess antiterrorism and emergency management as it relates to the protection of your assets and installation.

Why RMC for Mission Assurance

  • We are the DoD leader in Mission Assurance. RMC has been delivering Mission Assurance services to the DoD for over 10 years and has assessed the risk of more than 100 defense installations around the world.
  • We provide the full spectrum of Mission Assurance services. There are over a dozen disciplines under the Mission Assurance umbrella. RMC provides every functional discipline encompassed under Mission Assurance.
  • We bring insider insights. Our team does some work at the Pentagon as well as at the service levels, so we bring both a strategic perspective and tactical insights to every engagement.
  • We look beyond your installation or operations. Our team routinely consults other federal agencies, local law enforcement, and local utility providers, so we can fully assess your risks.
  • We bring the “so what” to the conversation. Because we assess your risk with your mission in mind, we tell you which risks are (and are not!) critically important.
  • We’re big enough. And small enough. Because we were purpose-built for Mission Assurance, we have the experts – and expertise – for every aspect of Mission Assurance and critical infrastructure protection. Yet, we’re small enough that you know our names – and you can connect with our leaders at any time.
  • We have proven impact. To date, $2.7 billion in federal funding has been reprioritized to address critical risks to missions as a direct result of our work.