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Mission, Vision, & Values

Relentless Service and Impact


RMC’s mission is to provide unmatched impact and service as a trusted provider of risk management, mission assurance and industrial cybersecurity solutions.


To Assure Tomorrow. Our vision is to create a safer, more secure future. We aim to strengthen the awareness and risk management capabilities of our government and commercial partners, so they can prevail in an evolving threat environment


RMC’s core values define how we engage with each other, with our customers, and with our community.

  • Integrity and authenticity first. We build trust by being true to ourselves, our customers, and each other. We are a partner that others can always count on. We do the right thing and keep our commitments.
  • Relentless pursuit for impact and service. We are relentless in our drive for excellence and results, we go the extra mile for those we serve, and we never stop pushing to improve national security.
  • Leadership through action. We strive to be thought leaders and to lead with passion, vision, purpose, and humility. Simply put, we focus on action, not accolades.
  • One RMC. We are a team that includes, empowers, and embraces the people we work with. We believe diversity of thought, experience, and background are crucial to a welcoming workplace and building strong teams.
  • Think, solve, create. We desire to create best practices and solve hard problems. Our innovative and entrepreneurial drive pushes us to advance ourselves and those we serve.