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Industrial Cybersecurity

Cyber Engineering, Design & Remediation

Strengthening Security and Enabling Operations

Industrial cybersecurity is often an “add-on” to core operational technology (OT) system functionality, one that is becoming more and more important as advanced persistent threat groups increasingly target critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity and operations leaders are urgently bolting on security controls to existing systems and assets—and starting to include cybersecurity early in system designs.

RMC leverages industry best practices for Cyber Engineering, Design & Remediation to better protect the unique environments that keep critical processes running. Whether closing a critical security gap or adopting a proactive approach to secure designs, our team of engineers and experts can guide you toward improved security while maintaining operational continuity.

Cyber Engineering, Design & Remediation Services

Cyber Engineering and Design

We develop cyber blueprints for new industrial control systems (ICS) and OT systems, including cybersecurity design requirements from the beginning, so you avoid the risks and expenses of addressing critical vulnerabilities later.

  • We design security architectures that align with business objectives and satisfy regulatory requirements, saving you money in the long run.
  • We define security controls, policies, protocols, and technologies to safeguard systems and data.
  • RMC helps you shift industrial cybersecurity to the earliest stages of OT and industrial control system design, so that your systems will work securely from the start.

Remediation Services

As a full-spectrum cybersecurity services provider, our team has extensive experience in both identifying and remediating critical vulnerabilities in high-consequence environments. Understanding your operational context and business requirements, we help you prioritize patches and fixes to enhance your security while balancing other factors, such as downtime and the costs of system revalidation.

RMC serves as an extension of your team, supporting the complex landscapes and the unique environments that keep critical processes running throughout every stage of the system lifecycle. Together, we can remediate the known vulnerabilities that may have the greatest impact on your organization.

Why RMC for Cyber Engineering, Design & Remediation

  • We are experienced. Our industrial cybersecurity team has supported hundreds of highly regulated and bespoke environments in multiple domains and we bring that experience to every client, every engagement.
  • We fix without breaking. We know critical infrastructure environments and the potential impact of an accidental interruption in your operations. We prioritize continuity and safety.
  • We see ourselves as part of your team. We have expertise. You know your environment and resources. Together, we address the most pressing vulnerabilities first.