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Open Source Update

October 2022

Threats include:

  • DoD Declines to Add New UCMJ Article for Extremism | Insider Threat
  • Army Doctor and Johns Hopkins Doctor Spouse Charged with Conspiring to Provide Medical Information to Russia | Insider Threat
  • Sabotage Suspected in Nord Stream Pipeline Leak | Foreign Nation-State Military
  • Scientists Working at U.S. Nuclear Lab Recruited by China | Foreign Intelligence Entities (FIE)
  • Anonymous Claims Credit for Moscow Traffic Jam | Cyber
  • Reported Sexual Assaults in the Military Rose 13% in 2021 | Crime
  • Deaths Following Indonesian Soccer Game | Civil Disturbance
  • USMC Fields Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) Threat Defense System | Unmanned Aircraft/Unmanned Aerial Systems (UA/UAS)

Hazards include:

  • Installations Unprepared for Tsunamis in Pacific Northwest | Natural Hazards (Geological)
  • Nearly 100% of Hawaii in Drought | Natural Hazards (Meteorological)
  • Largest Wildfires in New Mexico History in May-August 2022 | Natural Hazards (Meteorological)
  • Flooding in Pakistan | Natural Hazards (Meteorological)
  • U.S. Army Grounds Chinook Helicopter Fleet | Accidental Events