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Open Source Update

January 2024

Threats include:

  • Air Force Disciplines 15 Over Alleged Leak of Classified Documents | Insider Threat
  • Taiwan Reports More Chinese Weather Balloon Incursions | Foreign Intelligence Entities (FIE)
  • IT Workers Defraud Businesses to Fund North Korean Weapons Program | Cyber
  • Chinese Cyber Intrusions Detected in Critical Infrastructure | Cyber
  • Accidental Drone Interference on the Rise at NAS JRB Fort Worth | Unmanned Aircraft/Unmanned Aerial Systems (UA/UAS)
  • U.S. Navy Warships Down Houthi Drones | Unmanned Aircraft/Unmanned Aerial Systems (UA/UAS)
  • Iraq Links U.S. Embassy Attacks to Security Services | Terrorism
  • 14 Arrested for Blocking Travis Air Force Base Gates During Anti-War Protest | Civil Disturbance

Hazards include:

  • Volcanic Activity Near Camp Flegrei Causes Earthquakes | Natural Hazards (Geological)
  • Heat Fueled Extreme Weather Around the World in 2023 | Natural Hazards (Meteorological)
  • Solar Flares Cause Radio Blackouts | Natural Hazards (Space Weather)
  • Mold Found Throughout Military Bases | Natural Hazards (Biological)
  • PFAS Contamination Found in Washington State Wells | Accidental Events (Human or Technologically Caused)
  • V-22 Osprey Variants Grounded After Fatal Mishap | Accidental Events (Human or Technologically Caused)

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