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Open Source Update

January 2023

Threats include:

  • Status of Investigation into U.S. Navy Bribery Scandal and the “Fat Leonard” Apprehension | Insider Threat
  • North Korea Escalates Nuclear Threat Against South Korea | Foreign Nation-State Military
  • Former Army Pilot Sentenced for Acting as an Agent for China | Foreign Intelligence Entities (FIE)
  • “Hack Now, Decrypt Later” Attacks Pose Risks due to Quantum Computing | Cyber
  • China-Made Drones Intrude into D.C Airspace | Unmanned Aircraft-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UA-UAS)
  • Attacks on U.S. Electrical Infrastructure | Terrorism
  • Al-Shabaab’s Threat to Eastern Africa | Terrorism
  • Two Americans Charged for Plotting to Smuggle Military Equipment and Technology into Russia | Property Crime

Hazards include:

  • Storm Systems Across California Trigger Geological Hazards | Natural Hazards (Geological)
  • New York National Guard Soldiers, Airmen Respond to Christmas Eve Snowstorm in Western New York | Natural Hazards (Meteorological)
  • Marine Recruit’s Heat-Related Death Results in Charges | Natural Hazards (Meteorological)
  • U.S. Navy Reports Water Contamination on Aircraft Carriers | Natural Hazards (Biological)
  • Federal Agents to Assist Navy Investigation into Ship Fire | Accidental Events (Human or Technologically Caused)
  • GAO Finds DoD Aircraft Mission Capable Goals Were Not Achieved | Accidental Events (Human or Technologically Caused)