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RMC Sponsors the Center for Maritime Strategy at the Navy League of the United States

Early sponsorship supports research and analysis to improve national security through U.S. sea services

ARLINGTON, Va., Dec. 20, 2022 RMC, the leader in Mission Assurance, Risk Management and Industrial Cybersecurity solutions, and the Center for Maritime Strategy, alongside its parent organization, the Navy League of the United States, today announced that RMC is a proud sponsor of the Center for Maritime Strategy. CMS is a non-profit, non-partisan think-tank dedicated to studying and informing policy on the role of maritime power in international security.

“We fully endorse the non-partisan efforts of CMS to strengthen our national security through the maritime services,” said Vince Kuchar, CEO of RMC. “As a long-standing Mission Assurance and Industrial Cybersecurity services provider to the Department of Navy — and a proud employer of Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard veterans — we’re excited to be an early sponsor of an organization that will have a tremendous impact on our country.”

Funds will be used for essential CMS research and analysis, external outreach, publications and high-level convenings that engage key stakeholders across government, academia and industry to drive prudent national security policies.

“Renewed great power competition, increasing globalization and complex joint-force maritime platforms together create an urgent need for revitalized maritime power,” said Admiral James G. Foggo, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Dean of CMS. “We are grateful to RMC for supporting the crucial work of our organization to advance the research, advocacy and education to improve national security policy.”

About RMC

RMC provides a full lifecycle of Mission Assurance and Risk Management solutions, with deep expertise in Critical Infrastructure Protection and Industrial Cybersecurity, to protect our country’s most important and vital assets. Operating worldwide, RMC provides federal government and commercial organizations the analysis, assessments, strategy and remediation required to protect personnel, facilities, networks and critical infrastructure. Founded in 2011, RMC’s headquarters is in Arlington, Virginia.

About the Center for Maritime Strategy

The Center for Maritime Strategy (CMS) is a non-profit, non-partisan research institution dedicated to studying maritime issues and their context within wider American national security policy. Through its research and analysis, external outreach, publications, and high-level events, CMS engages key stakeholders across government, academia, and industry.

Press Contact:

Joyce Bosc

On behalf of RMC


Risk Mitigation Consulting Announces Brand Modernization to RMC

ARLINGTON, Va., Sept. 7, 2022 Risk Mitigation Consulting , the leader in mission assurance, risk management and industrial cybersecurity solutions, today announced that it is relaunching as RMC, and unveiling a modernized brand architecture. RMC’s goal is to communicate their unparalleled risk management expertise and commitment to strengthening security postures of government and commercial organizations, so they can prevail in an evolving threat environment.

Core elements of the modernized brand include:

  • Assuring Tomorrow. The tagline speaks to RMC’s role addressing today’s risks while anticipating tomorrow’s.
  • The new logo is bold and contemporary, with a rising sun logomark emphasizing a forward-looking approach.
  • Now at, the modern website communicates RMC’s global experience, ingenuity and momentum.

“Our purpose is timeless and RMC is moving into a dynamic growth phase. This brand modernization represents the start of a new era for us,” said Vince Kuchar, CEO of RMC. “We are aligning our team around the awareness, analysis and actions needed to thwart today’s bad actors from disrupting our nation’s critical infrastructure and business operations. Together, we are truly united in assuring tomorrow.”

As critical infrastructure assets and systems become more interconnected, vital infrastructure sectors such as utility systems, transportation, communications, health and emergency services are facing increased risks.

“Protecting today’s missions, military installations and business operations is an increasingly complex undertaking,” said Brent Hyland , COO of RMC. “RMC was purpose-built for mission assurance and industrial cybersecurity solutions. Our team operates worldwide, serving clients with the experience and drive required to ensure the security of our nation’s most important assets – today and tomorrow.”

As part of the brand modernization, RMC’s offerings will include:

  • Mission Assurance
  • Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Intelligence and Analysis
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection

Since its start in 2011, RMC has identified countless critical risks to missions, resulting in more than $2.7 billion in federal funding being reprioritized to address the most pressing risks.

About RMC

RMC provides a full lifecycle of Mission Assurance and risk management solutions, with deep expertise in critical infrastructure protection and industrial cybersecurity, to protect our country’s most important and vital assets. Operating worldwide, RMC provides federal government and commercial organizations the analysis, assessments, strategy and remediation required to protect personnel, facilities, networks and critical infrastructure. Founded in 2011, RMC has offices in Destin, Florida and Arlington, Virginia.

Press Contact:

Joyce Bosc
On behalf of RMC

The Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Background, Current Situation, Outlook

In October 2021, long-simmering tensions between Russia and Ukraine began to reignite following a Russian military buildup near Ukraine’s border and related provocations. These tensions have also garnered significant international attention due to the potential for a Russian invasion as well as the ensuing Ukrainian and international response (to include a potential NATO response).

DoD Supply Chain Disruptions

The 2021 supply chain crisis has had severe negative impacts on many organizations worldwide. Among those organizations being negatively impacted is the United States Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD supply chain brings in extremely important materials and equipment that support all military operations.

Afghanistan Geopolitical Update

The recent U.S. withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan and subsequent Taliban takeover of the country has created an environment in which a number of foreign nation-states may seek to exploit geopolitical opportunities. The current environment in Afghanistan provides a number of opportunities for U.S. adversaries such as China, Russia, and Iran to exploit, particularly with regards to military, economic, and diplomatic relationships.

2020 Election Series: January Domestic Threat Activity Update

President-Elect Joe Biden was declared the provisional winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. Many voices among the media, social media, and even elected leadership expected civil unrest after the election. Research suggests that Americans on opposite sides of the ideological spectrums have adopted increasingly hostile attitudes towards one another, with some outright advocating political violence.

Norway: Country Overview

Norway was founded as an independent state in 1814 and has evolved into a modern day Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. Since the end of World War II, the state of Norway, like many other countries, is still subject to modern domestic and transnational threats to both their government and citizens.

October 2021

Threats include:

  • Dept. of Navy Civilian Attempts to Sell Nuclear Secrets | Insider Threat
  • “Secretive U.S. Aircraft” Potentially Revealed on TikTok | Insider Threat
  • China Tests Hypersonic Glider with Space Capability | Foreign Nation-State Military
  • Confucius Institute in Indiana Draws Scrutiny from State Attorney General | Foreign Intelligence Entities

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