Risk Mitigation Consulting Acquires Securicon, Advancing Cybersecurity and Mission Assurance Offerings

ARLINGTON, Va., April 22, 2024 – Risk Mitigation Consulting (RMC), a premier provider of risk management and industrial cybersecurity solutions for critical infrastructure and critical missions, today announced its acquisition of Securicon, a cybersecurity services provider based in Alexandria, Virginia.

“This acquisition marks a significant milestone for RMC, enhancing our substantial expertise in critical infrastructure protection and industrial cybersecurity,” said Vince Kuchar, CEO of RMC. “Securicon brings RMC new capabilities and domain knowledge, including device penetration testing, deeper experience in the energy sector, full spectrum coverage of Information Technology and operational technology cybersecurity services, and a broader government portfolio. This acquisition reinforces RMC’s commitment to safeguarding the nation’s most critical and vital assets, bolstering our vision of assuring tomorrow.”

Enhanced Benefits from the Acquisition:

  • Comprehensive Solutions: The combined expertise of RMC and Securicon offers more robust solutions spanning IT & OT cybersecurity and risk management.
  • Global Reach and Impact: RMC’s global presence, coupled with Securicon’s specialized industry knowledge, creates a formidable force in the industry.
  • Innovation and Agility: The merger fosters an environment of innovation, allowing for rapid adaptation to changing security landscapes.

“It’s a merger of mindsets and missions. We’re bringing together some of the brightest in the industry and are aligned to create a safer, more secure future. Like Securicon, RMC places integrity and authenticity at its core, for both its employees and customers. I genuinely look forward to RMC’s growth and future success,” said Securicon’s retiring CEO, Paul Hurley.

About Risk Mitigation Consulting:

RMC is a global leader in providing comprehensive Mission Assurance and risk management solutions. With a focus on critical infrastructure protection and industrial cybersecurity, RMC is dedicated to protecting the nation’s vital assets. More information can be found at www.rmcglobal.com and on LinkedIn.

About Securicon:

Specializing in both Information Technology and Operational Technology  cybersecurity services, Securicon offers technical consulting services; governance, risk, and compliance; and federal security services for both commercial and government clients. With its roots in the U.S. Federal government, commercial energy and other utility sectors, Securicon offers unparalleled expertise in information cybersecurity solutions.

Media Contact:

Jared Koch